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    I've Tried This...
    By Eric

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    I've tried this before. Just this week, I subbed two days for a Gym class for the same school of middle school kids that I talked about in this post. They were just as wild and crazy on the 2nd day. You don't seem to understand that these kids don't care about anything. I have tried talking with certain ones (to let them know that I care) about the long-term consequences of not behaving and not doing their school work. Whether it's staying in school their whole life, being arrested by the police, never getting a job, living on the streets... they simply don't care. That's what they tell me... they don't care what happens to them. And we're not talking about a select few here... we're talking about hundreds of kids with this mentality (many of them who are already living "on the streets", so to speak).

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