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    How long?
    By Peter

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    This too is my first year, I've been working a lot though.
    I too find it difficult to jump from room to room (figuratively AND literally as I was covering meetings for teachers this week and was in 6 classes in the span of 3 hours)
    Mostly, I jump right into the day's plans after quickly introducing myself. (I haven't developed exactly the "right thing" to say yet)
    I have found that if I keep them busy enough they won't have time to get into trouble.
    I also have found that you need to give clear and firm expectations before letting them start doing things on their own (ie. I expect you to work on .... quietly and on your own for ....minutes.....etc.)
    Of course I've been working in the 3-5 realm mostly, so things vary.
    I guess just try out different things and keep what works....

    Good Luck,

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