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    History ideas
    By Amy

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    I actually am in my 3rd year of teaching...I teach 5th gr. S.S. I struggled with this my first year of teaching. S.S. can be boring but you just need to think of any way you can spice it up. For instance, I just finished my explorer unit with my class. We made brochures to advertise the trips that they took. That is usually a hit w/them.
    I do a lot of drama, puppets, etc.
    Whenever I can incorporate food, I do. They love that. For instance, the Boston Tea Party, I make real tea for them while we read the lesson.
    Usually you have to read with them to get the backgroud info. and then try to do a fun activity to enrich the concepts. Sitting too long and reading can be very hard for the students to sit still, so I usually break the lesson up into small chunks so I can get something fun in each time. (there are certain lessons you just have to plow through but most of the time you can spice it up!)
    Good luck!

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