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    thanksgiving assembly
    By Kim

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    I teach 4 year olds, and I do something similar.

    A week or so BEFORE thanksgiving I talk about the pilgrims. We talk about how the pilgrims lived under a mean king that taxed them and took their money and would not let them love the God of their choice (I am a Catholic school) we then talk about how they did not like it and so they all got on a big boat and landed in America.

    There they met Indians and they made friends and had a big dinner to celebrate their new freedom and their new friends.

    For the 'party' the kids are divided into two groups - the Indians and pilgrms naturally. The Indians use a brown paper bag as a vest, and make a feather head dress.

    The Pilgrims make the traditional hat with a big buckel and the girls make paper bonnets and aprons. Talk about cute!

    As a class, they make and eat corn muffins. They sit down at a long table and the audience askes questions prepared for them like;

    Pilgrims Did you like living in England?
    Were you afraid to sail on the boat?

    Indians What did you think when you saw the

    The parents love seeing the kids act out these parts. WHen the questions are over they all indulge in their feast.

    They also sing a few songs, I will look them up for you if you are interested. Let me know

    Have fun

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