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    read aloud is important
    By Cathy

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    I think read aloud is so very important! Like you, I use a combination of silent, paired and small group reading to help kids develop comprehension skills. When they are reading aloud, they are practicing oral fluency (to become better public speakers) as well as using voice inflection and expression. They are also hearing the words pronounced correctly that they might not otherwise hear in their head. Many of my students say they understand the story better after they've read it together aloud. It seems to sink in better if they've heard it and put the missing pieces together. I tend to have them read aloud after they have read something silently so that they feel comfortable doing so. My kids ask me if we're going to buddy read. They love to sit with a buddy and read aloud together. This is when I can visit each team and really give them some one on one pointers for improvement. Let's face it, they're still only nine and ten years old. To give them a focus and tell them to read silently every day of reading instruction would be, in my opinion, letting them down. They can learn so much from each other! Why not let them? I look forward to hearing others' viewpoints on this one.

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