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    Elaine, I was excited to read your post! It sounds like you have a knowledge base that can really help me in improving my guided reading program.

    You are utilizing the same book as me (STONE FOX) , selecting it for similar reasond but from what I can see using it for different purposes.

    Perhaps the two of us (and others) can dialogue on this more. I am finding that different districts interpret the GUIDED READING program differently, am and eager to hear varying perspectives. I will try myself to participate in the discussions you suggested, but perhaps having a grade level discussion here would be appropriate as well.

    I am interested to hear what novel you are using next. I have been utilizing literature circles as a way of adding in the third component of guided reading literature study. How do you do it? Is it a whole group instruction? Or is it a component where you continue the use of teaching kids at their instructional (just right) level- meaning that groups might be reading different texts based on their instructional level? Do you have a major role in it, or is it more student run (like I do with literature circles, finding time to sit in on meetings regularly, but not always).

    I also like the idea of using shorter, non-fiction text as a source for small group lessons on strategic reading skills. I also think this is a great way to utilize a basal reader if it is sitting on the shelf in your classroom. I am wondering how you manage your time between small group instruction, independant reading (individual conferences with students), and literature study. Are you taking a role in all three components? How do you manage it?

    I hope you are interested in discussing this further. If not, I understand. There are so many topics that we as teachers want to devote our time to. But realistically, we can only focus on a few.

    Let me know (at least) what book you are reading, and perhaps whether you would like to continue this dialogue on our reading programs.

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