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    What Where the Directions?
    By AMG

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    I can usually get all my children to follow the given directions the first time by watching and counting them as they complete the task. " You're number 1! Good! There's number two....three,four, five! Six, Wow! Now I've got everybody!" The children seem to like the "race". I do have to let them know that I'm the only one that can count, if they count then they can't possibly be one of the first few because they are talking.

    If I have a child that has not yet followed directions and everyone else is ready I ask them to tell me what the directions were and make them repeat back what I had said. Then I usually say "Now do it!" If they habitually don't follow
    directions then I do move their card.

    I think that children don't listen as well as well as they use to when I started teaching ten years ago. I feel this reflects what is expected of them at home. I actually had a parent that I was conferencing with last year about this say to me, " It is unrealistic of you to expect a six year old to do what you say the first time you say it. " To which I replied, " Six year old's are quite able to do what is asked the first time directions are given. I have eighteen others in here that do follow the directions. I expect them to do it. Maybe you should expect more from your child because he is a bright child, and is quite capable." She huffed out of the room. Over the next semester I noticed ALOT of change and at the end of the year the mom thanked me! Thought I'd share this!

    Good luck with your teaching. AMG

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