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    homework grades
    By sj

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    I teach 5 sections of 2nd grade. I don't want a number grade, because I don't want the child whose parents do it for him to have the advantage. I run a roster for each class and keep it on a clipboard. I call 3 students to my desk at a time to show me their homework. Satisfactory work gets a happy-face stamp on it and a dot beside their name on my list. Unsatisfactory gets a check or note on the paper and a -2 on my roster. At the end of 3 weeks, students who have turned in no homework will have a homework grade of 70, others will vary. I also post on the wall 100, 98, 96, etc. and put small cards with students' names under each grade. Since the cards have tape on the back, they are easy to move over when the grade changes due to an assignment not done. This helps them keep track of how thier efforts compare to others, and a little peer pressure in this area is helpful, as well. Parents don't go quite so balistic when they realize that one or two missed homework assignments won't sink the grade ship, but I don't share with the students that the grade can only go down to 70. At 2nd grade, they seem to think it will go down to China! So far, this works and is fairly easy to mark & maintain.--even in 45 minute time blocks for each class!

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