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    Poem Memory!
    By sj

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    10 minutes per day would be just about right to teach one poem each week. For years I required my students to memorize one peom per week and recite it to me individually by Friday. This was even an English grade! I found that memorizing poems was beneficial for developing listening skills, memory skills, and put some of the words and vivid phrases into their spoken and written vocabulary. You could work on the poetry whether or not you were in your class or in a hallway, and it wouldn't have any clean-up or stopping place. Each week my kids would begin recitation with the first poem of the year and say them all (yes, all 36 at the end of the year!, until they went through the current week's poem) This is a great thing to have on hand when someone comes to your door to talk to you...just say, "Students, start your poems. Janie, you start the first and when you finish, pick who will lead the next one." After you have 30 or so poems, you're also in good shape should you be asked to present a program for PTA, or have kids write them from memory, etc.

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