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    By Judy

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    I have always been fairly organized and these things have helped me the most:
    I have 7 folders in a vertical organizer beside my desk, one for each day of the week so I can put any papers I need in them for the correct day, one that is "To do" and another "To File". I never lay a paper on my desk, it must go in either the file or to do folder.
    Three ring binders are life savers - I keep one that I put any memo which I do not need to reply to but need to keep on file. I also keep one with a set of dividers in it which I have labeled, "Plans" (I do mine on the computer), "Paperwork" that I put any papers I need to reply to in,and "grade level" things related to my grade level, meetings, etc. I have never been much of a pack rat so I am not one to keep things I will probably never use. I pass them on to new teachers with no money to buy things.

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