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    By Sharon D. W-L

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    I too have trouble with this. My two grade one partners are so neat and tidy... YIKES!

    I do get a bit better each year but I am a pack rat so it takes a lot of time. This year I have two metal file stacks with three slots each. One for each day of the week and one for the "next week". I have colour coded file folders for each day of the week as well. I plan for 3-4 days at a time and any copies made goes right into the colour coded file for the day I need it. Before I leave I pull out the file for the next day. I type my lesson plans up on my lap top but don't print them out until the end of a school day so I can alter things before I print them out if there is a need.

    I too have to limit the ideas I print out. I try to only take 2 - 4 things per unit or theme. If I need more I can always go back on line to get more. I live in an isolated community so sometimes I have to plan ahead for 2 or 3 months for art project etc because I need to stock up on the correct materials.

    On my computer I have files for each month of the year. If there is an idea I want to save I drag it or store it under the month where I think I'll use it some year. Again each month I can look ahead to the next 2-3 months to look for ideas that I want to use and print them out then if I think I will be able to use them.

    I have my plan book (which is a 2 inch, three ring binder) divided by months of the year. If I come across an idea that I think will fit into a theme or unit this year I print it out and place it in the month where I want to use it. At the end of the month I go back through and remove these ideas and place them in a big 3 inch binder labelled for that month. Right now I am going through my Oct. Nov and Dec. binders pulling out ideas that I already have that I plan to use again. I also have a couple of new ideas for these months that I have printed out and placed in the correct section of my plan book.

    The next area for me is to organize my own collection of books. I have cardboard boxes labelled with a couple of months of the year and books are filed by the time of the year I'll need them or if I have a really large theme then a special theme box. I fined that I use a theme the same time each year so I try and just file it by month. I plan to order some large rubber containers to help me with this task. This way the boxes can be stored out of the way and piled high if the need is there. I also plan to move after this school year and will need to put a lot of materials in storage. I hope the rubber storage boxes will be safer just in case of water damage. I've heard so many horror stories about materials getting wet.

    The other idea I got off this ring or maybe another one was the three day rule. If it is on my desk I must use it at least three days a week or it shouldn't be there. This is really very helpful to help cut down some of the clutter.


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