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    Verbs & tenses
    By sj

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    I searched the net for free clipart and copied different pics that showed actions (man sweeping, surfer surfing, dog wagging tail, etc) I printed the pics and cut them into cards. I had the class in two teams. When it was a kid's turn, I showed the pic to just that child and he was to act out what the pic suggested. The whole class could guess what action he was pantomiming. This generated a great number of verbs before they landed on "the verb" the child was acting out. To get a point for his team, the child had to complete all three of these sentences with his verb: It (he, I)can___. It is ___ing. Yesterday it___. Throughout the game, I reminded kids that they were giving me action verbs. Following the game I asked for other verbs that could be used for each picture, such as the lawn mower could have been clipping, trimming, or pushing rather than mowing. I ended the lesson with each student making a list of 20 action verbs. The kids enjoyed it a lot, and I think they got the idea of verbs as action words by generating so many during the game.

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