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    By Jesica

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    Have you thought about having a "Star" of the Week? I thought 4th graders might be too old for this but they love it!! We only hold a short meeting once a week but you could do this one of your days. The star brings in pictures/objects from home to describe themselves. Then using prompts I have posted (favorite food, favorite movie, favorite book, etc.) describes himself to the group. Then I allow the group to ask a few questions. They really get into it and I bet those students finishing homework would want to be there.

    Just a thought - have you thought about not allowing the homework to be finished in the morning. I had several students doing this last year making for a hectic morning. We had a long talk as a class about the purpose of homework, that it needs to be done outside of school in order to maximize our time in school, etc. Then I simply said any work I caught being completed in the morning would be considered late. In my room you get 10% off each late assignment. I hardly ever have late papers anymore. Maybe it won't work in your situations but it's just a thought.

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