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    I can sympathize...
    By Emily/5th

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    For one year (yes-only one because it was too tough)before my first job, after I'd gotten my degree, I was a t.a. in a sped classroom. Pre-school kids (3-5 yrs. old) 1/2 day with multi-handicaps also (autistic, non-verbal, one was on a respirator, severe ED, etc.. you name it- we had it). I had to change diapers, feed them, clean up the children after snack, and help with tasks in class. There was a sped teacher and myself for 10 students. It was tough, but the teacher I worked for was incredible. She had centers set up throughout the classroom and the kids would rotate through about 3 centers at a time. Two were "manned" centers, and one was without a teacher.
    I don't have any great words of wisdom for you, but try what the poster above suggested. You at least need another assistant since the one is one-on-one with the other kiddo. I can fully imagine how sped teachers burn-out so easily. I HATED changing diapers and the likes. There were days when it seemed like all we got done was get them there, feed them snack, change diapers (on a 50 pound child no less), and send them home.
    You are a very special person to be able to do the job you do, and you need the support from the admin. Do what you can to get parents fired up, and maybe that will help you out (most times their voices are heard louder than ours).
    Good luck to you...

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