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    Sub Service With A Side of Attitude
    By Andrea

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    Oh, I used to have one like that who would not even leave her phone number so you could call her back! It's some petty little power trip for them to be like that, I'm sure. It's too bad that she makes you feel uncomfortable about calling in. Are you in an area with more than just the one district? Maybe you could branch out....that one wench was the only one who wasn't nice, the rest of them are great & in fact they even welcome people calling in as that's less hassle for them to find subs. Or maybe you could make friends with the secretary that handles the sub list at the school, as they often call in looking for multiple subs for conference days & such, & may be able to give you an upcoming date on the spot, eliminating waiting on that wretched sub service. She could be part of the reason you are so anxious if she's that unapproachable & difficult! Just a few thoughts.

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