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    Student of the Week
    By Monique

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    Every year I send home a letter for the Student of the week. The children are given a set week that they are the "SOTW". On the Monday of their week, they are to come to school with a poster. It should have the following on it: 3 Favorite books, 3 favorite sports/hobbies, 3 favorite animals, and something else which I can't remember. These are on the edges of the poster, while inside, there should be 4 - 6 pictures of the child, (their choice). Of course, their name is at the top and they are to decorate it in their own creative way. They present their posters to the class on Monday. Throughout the week they get to be at the front of the line, be my helper, if needed, eat lunch with me 1 day, and read/share their favorite story to/with the class on Friday. (I like if they read to the class, but if not, I read it...) The kids LOVE being student of the week and feel good about themselves. If I think of the last thing on the poster, I'll post again. But you can probably think of another.

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