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    I suggest a meeting
    By Cathy-Dee

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    I would suggest a meeting between yourself, your Principal and the parents.

    Discuss their concerns calmly and rationally but both you and your administrator need to help these parents realize that their concern for their child is making it very difficult for their child to handle being in school.

    What I would suggest to the parents is that they allow the school and yourself to have the next 2 weeks to help their son become adjusted to being in his new school. This means they need to either send him to school on the bus or bring him and leave immediately - even if he cries, kicks up a fuss, etc.,

    He has learned at this time if he fusses enough, mom or dad will either come and be there with him or will take him home. And this of course is what he wants. Once he realizes that mom and dad are not going to come running everytime he fusses and that not going to school is not an option he should begin to settle down and may in fact begin to really enjoy school.

    I had a student like this several years back - and actually for the most part it was the mom and dad who were having a harder time letting go. The girl screamed, kicked, etc., so finally we just told mom she couldn't come into the school. We waited by the door, took the girls hand firmly and mom left. Yes the girl continued to scream and kick but she was pulled (gently) to her locker and then into the classroom (actually even carried a few times). This went on for about 6 days and then all of a sudden she realized she wasn't getting anywhere with the kicking and screaming and it quit. From that point on she was the happiest student in my class.

    With the parents tell them they are welcome to call the school to ask you how the day is going (don't be too honest especially if the boy has been upset all day). Invite them to pick him up at the end of the day so that he has this to look forward to.

    Don't worry right now about whether or not you are being fair to the rest of your class. If you can get the parents on your side with their son, you will hopefully only have 3 to 6 days of this and then things will settle down and he'll be quite happy being in your class.

    You don't say what the conflict was with his other teacher - but there is the possibility that these two parents are way too over-protective and that the conflict is more their fault than the past teacher's fault. If this is the case then it may be difficult to get this student to want to come to school and even enjoying school.

    Good luck, let us know how things work out

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