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    By MJH

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    You need to get in touch with your union rep to help handle the principal situtation. With everything that has been going on in schools today most School Boards have a 0 tolerance for bringing weapons to school. Remember the first grader in Michigan who shot another student in class. I totally agree that the principal show be let go, he/she needs to have control over the school before any teacher can have control over a class. When a principal doesn't back up a teacher the students figure it out very quickly no matter their age. As for the person observing you I would have requested him/her to asign you a mentor to help you not just say that you are a bad teacher. I'm sure that the lessons you plan are well organized you just don't have any support. Hope you find a school that treats their teachers better because not all schools are like this. I too teach in a inner city school and some years are rough for me and I've been teaching 12 years. I'm blessed to have a great class this year but last year I had K students who would throw things, kick over chairs, knock over bookcases and bite and kick the principal. Guess when the child finally got suspended? Yes, after he bit and kicked the principal, it's as if destroying my classroom for weeks didn't matter.

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