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    By Ontario teacher

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    I'm sure the mess the TDSB is in does not help. If you have FSL qualifications, you are very hireable, so you should not have trouble getting a job elsewhere. Your pay should be determined by your QECO rating, not the principal, so you may want to check into this. (If you haven't got your QECO rating back yet, you will be back-paid.) I had a very high-stress job last year with grade 7 and 8 science. Now I am in grade 5 and let me tell you, it's a dream compared to last year. The stress dropped about 15 levels with less work and fewer behaviour problems. Maybe you want to consider changing grades. Also, when I looked around for a new job this year, I really investigated the principal. Get a school with a good-rep principal.

    So, maybe quitting is the best decision, unless you feel you will be able to improve the situation. When you look around for your next job, be selective- with FSL you can afford to be. In retrospect for me, although I honestly don't know how I sometimes made it through last year without cracking, I learned a lot about class management, what successful schools should NOT do, and how to deal with parents. So maybe it would be a helpful, if not easy, experience.

    Best of luck.

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