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    Beh. Mod. -- "Secret Child"
    By Lainy

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    I recently read a post that I think will give you some relief and the opportunity to enjoy this profession.

    Try this, at the beginning of class choose "one" child's name. Tell the class that you have a "Secret Child." Let them know that you can't say who the child is, but if at the end of the day (or a time you choose) the "secret child" has not misbehaved, has followed all of the class rules, and has lined up properly that you will reward the entire class. A reward could be 15min. of free time, a game -- like 7-up, or whatever else you decide on. Try to choose a child who you feel may display inappropriate behavior.

    You can remind the class occassionally that you are keeping an eye on the "Secret Child." This should help keep everyone on task.

    Don't be obvious and if the "Secret Child" doesn't earn special time (or whatever) for the class, do not reveal who he/she was. It can only cause trouble. Instead, you can speak to the child in such a way that none of the other students realize who the secret student was. If you return to the class on a consecutive day -- use it again and see if the student's show a difference in behavior. The first time may be a bit difficult for really young children.

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