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    By Tricia

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    I too am still looking but really don't give a thought to a position once I've applied for it. If I get an interview then I will, if I don't then I certainly haven't wasted any more of my time thinking and planning for something that doesn't happen! I applied for a job yesterday that IS posted on their site and was told it didn't exist so this afternoon I called the school itself and yes the position exisited but had already been filled. So I called Central Office and pointed out to them that the application deadline isn't until Friday so how can they have already filled the job. They told me they hadn't filled it yet and was I interested. Then I confronted them about not hiring me for two years and that this summer I had only one interview and it went nowhere and that I WILL be down there Friday to look through my file to see what the problem could be so she went and got it and the list of teachers in the pool and she CLAIMS that next to my name it says I already have a job!!!!!!! And where am I working? So she claims I am now on the official list as seeking a job. Am I worried? No! Will I stress? No! And you know why I won't? Because I am going room by room and painting and making curtains and whatever else I USED to enjoy in order to take my mind off things! I will still check and apply and I encourage you to do the same but just treat it like a possible date with a friend or a trip to the store. Find ways to get back to enjoying your life and I hope I don't offend you by saying to put God first in your life and let him worry for you! You wouldn't believe the peace I have been discovering! God never intended for any of us to be unhappy or unhealthy! He wants us to be the best that we can be but if we don't put Him in our lives then nothing else will work out for us. We can try all we want to do what we want without thought to what God wants and well look where it has gotten us! I even went out and bought a new bible to read and mark up with my feelings and how they relate to verses I find in the bible! The more I read the bible and the more I talk/pray to God the stronger and more at peace I am! And like you said we are still years away from retirement so what's the hurry? Wrecking our bodies from stress isn't going to do us a bit of good! And when those principals interview us they can see the stress and worry all over us and do you think they will want to hire someone freaked out BEFORE they get to work? I have looked back on the last two years of my life and realized that what I have gone through has really helped to mold the kind of teacher I am now! When I was working for three months in the other county I was able to prove to myself that I am a darned good teacher who has a lot to offer any child that I will work with and I know I will eventually work. And when I get that call saying I am hired, well I will appreciate it a lot more than if I'd gotten hired right away because of who I knew. I will get hired because they can see what I am capable of and because of what I have to offer. We will both get jobs Monica and I will pray for your dreams of having your own classroom to come soon and that it is the best experience of any teachers life. Please don't let the system control you! They are trying but you are too strong to let them succeed! Do you have any hobbies? Are you into web design? Have you thought about creating your own electronic portfolio to take around? I'm just about done with mine and will take it around! I haven't worked on it the last two weeks because I really haven't felt like it! I know I have gone a bit overboard with it and should have made it a bit more generic but I have way too much time on my hands. I've also been trying to put together teacher sites I like on a "Teacher Link" page on my website! I love looking around and finding all kinds of cool ideas! Check it out and if you have any you like then post them in my guestbook and I'll add them to my page! My email address isn't up yet but when he does get it to work, well here it is: and my website address is . I have loved spending hours on the site and have actually combined five sites onto one! I figure this winter when it is way too cold then I can really dig in and put all kinds of stuff on them!!!! If you want help putting an electronic portfolio together then let me know! It'll be fun! Please don't be depressed over all this Monica! Someday you'll look back on this upsetting time and see the good that came from it. I have to hold onto that myself and turn to my belief in God. Do I sound overly preachy!

    P.S. Do you know anything about making cushions for those glider rocking chairs????

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