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    Me Glyph
    By Bryde

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    I don't know exactly where I found it, but I did a search for glyphs and got it online. It is basically a page that has the words "ME" written in bubble letters. There is a smiley face, a box, a birthday cake (three layers) with a candle, the words broccoli, pizza, a heart, a crossed out heart, and that is all I can remember. Then you give directions: If you are a boy, color the smiley face red. If you are a girl color the smiley face green. Color your hair color as hair on the smiley face. Next to the candle, write the number that represents the month you were born. On the candle flame, write the date you were born. If you are the oldest in your family, color the top layer brown. If you are the youngest, color the bottom layer brown. If you are neither, you are in the middle, color the middle layer brown. In the box, write your initials. Color the heart your favorite color. Color the crossed out heart your least favorite color. Now highlight the words that you like (pizza etc.) the same color as your favorite color. Highlight the things you like the least (broccoli, etc.) your least favorite color. Add more category words (like sports, music, dancing, homework) and color them according to whether they are your favorite or least favorite. There are more things like where you were born (perhaps a star) color it blue if you were born in (your state) Color it yellow if you were born out of our state.

    Then, take all of their pages and mount them on colored construction paper. You can laminate them. Make a page that is a key showing what each color and symbol represents. Hole punch them and tie them together. Then you can use the quilt for a series of graphing and data collection activities.

    Let me know if you use it and how it goes. This is a great get to know your classmates and following directions activity at the beginning of the year.

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