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    By Lainy

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    I'm not shocked at all by what you say. TA's can be more of a nuisuance than a help. I WAS a TA for two years and I knew my place; assist the student(s) and teacher in every way possible -- as needed -- as requested. Now, I'm a substitute teacher. I've been certified for 4 years. I the biggest thing I truly hate is an assignment for a teacher who has a TA -- some twist, wouldn't you say? While substituting I have dealt with some extreme TA's who thought they over ruled me. I had one instance where I went to the principal of the school (approachable type) and told her that she didn't need a substitute because she already has a teacher in the room. At the end of the day the asst. principal who is a 2nd grade teacher spoke to me about how my day went. She had been informed about the TA. Anyway, she told me I didn't do anything out of line and that I shouuld write a letter of complaint -- which I considered, but rejected after some thought as to my position. I was also told by the asst. principal that every teacher who has had this TA has had immense problems and that they are trying everything to "get rid of her." Needless to say, I never returned to that room -- by choice.

    Keep your guard up with this TA and confront her whenever you feel she is out of line. Remember, YOU are the teacher -- make sure she knows it. Maybe she'll leave on her own if you remain firm.

    Another suggestion since you can't go to your school's principal is to go above her. As difficult as it is to get a TA dismissed, it's not impossible. You may have to deal with her all year, but if you act, you may save another teacher from the agony of this TA.

    Annotating everything is definitely something you should do. Of course, you may have to defend yourself if someone is ignorant enough to suggest that you made it all up. A stretch of a possibility but something to consider. Regardless, do annotate everything! GOOD LUCK and I hope this year goes by quickly for you.

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