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    quitting early
    By Vanessa

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    Hi, Christopher,

    I am sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble with your students in Toronto. I empathize with you because: 1)I have been teaching for 10 years and have found that EVERY year has been hard with the stress levels, mainly due to children's behavior; 2) I once quit a job after only two months.

    Now as far as your quitting, I would look into your district's requirements about resigning. When I quit my job, I had to give a month's notice (in the state of North Carolina) or I could lose my license and the pay I had earned.

    You are probably in one of THOSE schools in which there is a high turnover. I once had a job in a school where there was about a 33% turnover every year. I looked around me at the new hires the year I was hired and decided that things might get a little rough. If things were good at the school, I figured that the teachers would stay on. Sure enough, one of our teachers left after a couple of weeks, was replaced by another teacher, then another after her. I think the fourth teacher decided to stick it out for the rest of the year.

    Now, when I quit my job after two months, the only good thing was that it was Christmas time and I was able to accept a job in a local department store which needed extra help. In my shortsightedness and eagerness to get out of my job, I had not tried to get another job until I actually left the one I had. My husband was very angry that I quit my job, too. You need to consider the ramifications for your family. Of course, if you do quit, you need an understanding family. After awhile, my husband was okay with my decision to leave. I got another job during the second semester at another school district. I will never again work in the district where I resigned, however. They didn't like my leaving, even though I did give notice.

    Good luck to you in your efforts.

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