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    is this what you want?
    By I'm thinking on the run here

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    Hi Christine,

    Denotative is the exact/literal meaning of a word. It starts with the letter "D" which is the same as the "D"ictionary meaning.

    Connotative is the what is suggested in addition to a simple meaning. There is a "C"onnection to the real meaning but it isn't exact.

    Now think of some words that could match both categories. Expression words are the easiest:

    sweet(D) - "this candy is sweet" having a taste like sugar or honey
    sweet(C) - "that skateboard is sweet" - it's great but you don't actually taste it

    You can also use words that mean the same thing but imply something in addition to the similar meaning:

    portly and obese can both mean fat but portly sounds more dignified and obese has a more negative connotation

    Brainstorm some words with the kids. I remember a junior high teacher who used a lot of slang words (school appropriate) like cool, radical, far out, warm fuzzy,

    Good luck or could I say...
    Break a leg

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