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    By LindaR

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    Estimate accurately? Not sure I understand... I thought that having estimation skills allowed students the ability to reason through math answers.

    For example, you could display 4 quarters and then ask the children if you would have enough to purchase a CD that costs $1.25. Estimate first --yes or no. Ask why...then calculate answer to see if correct.

    Estimating is also an important science process fact, we estimate with MANY things in life. You could have the children brainstorm things they could estimate and what answer are they seeking (how long, how heavy, etc.).

    Have them create their own estimation activity (drawing and question), and then create a class book whereby you work on the questions daily.

    You could have your own challenges in a daily estimation activity: Everyday have something in the classroom that the children need to estimate (length of chalk, your pencil).

    They need to write down their guess and what kind of measurement (rulers, paper clips, craft sticks, etc.) they would use to know for sure.

    This can be recorded either in their journals or submitted on a card (will there be some kind of prize for correct guessing?)

    At the end of the day (or whenever you choose), read responses.

    Estimation can be extended to many things....make graphs!

    Hope this helps! I look forward to seeing more ideas....Have you checked the PT archives? Great place!

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