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    classroom rules
    By Laura

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    I teach 7th and 8th grade inner city. My rules are very concrete and simple for the kids.
    1. Follow directions.
    2. Raise hand to speak.
    3. Stay in your seat.
    4. Speak appropriately to adults and peers.
    a. No profanity.
    b. Use only given name. (Ex. Sam, not Dogg)
    c. No name calling or teasing.
    d. No verbal abuse or threats to anyone.
    e. Never talk back to the teacher! Bite your
    tongue first.
    f. Speak Standard English in school.
    5. Behave Appropriately
    a. Keep your hands and feet to yourself.
    b. No flying objects.
    c. No physical or verbal disruption.
    6. Absolutely no bullying behavior is tolerated.
    a. No physical, verbal, sexual harrassment.
    b. No hurtful teasing, gossip or isolation.
    c. Everyone in this class has the right to
    feel safe.
    *(Name calling is the worst at this age. Yuck!)
    1. Warning
    2. Writing assignment
    3. Lunch Detention/Call Parents
    4. Thursday afterschool det. 2 hours
    5. Pink card office referral

    Those are not necessarily in that order. I keep my cell phone in class, and if a kid says "my mom won't care that is exactly what I tell the parent. Ususally the kid gets a new rear end reamed in front of everyone, because the parent is so ticked that the kid said that. I only have to call about one or two parents in class and the kids straighten up quickly. The important thing is following through with what you say. Most of the time I don't even raise my voice, because the kids must learn that they are responsible for their own actions. All choices have concequences. Good luck. This has worked for me for the past 15 years. It took 3 years to fine tune it, and every other year to work hard at being consistent. That is the hardest part for me.

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