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    How would you handle this?
    By LAINY

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    Personally,with what you stated, I would conference with your school's principal. Afterwards, I think a meeting with the principal, you, and the parent(s) should take place. I don't think the teacher should have the sole burden for handling this situation -- as I stated, get the principal involved. Parents are more apt to listen to someone of higher authority.

    I had a nephew who was involved in commercials and advertising. He was an honor student and his mother made certain that he never fell behind in his studies. A career such has the one we are speaking of can lead to a wonderful future . . . for a select few.

    The wrong thing to do, in my opinion, would be to not consider the feelings of the parent/student. They (or the parent) obviously has a goal and it doesn't sound as though it will be given up lightly.

    Look into your "own" feelings on this subject and try not to think as the teacher from last year seems to want to sway you.


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