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    Literature Circle Job cards
    By Kim K

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    Hello! I have just begun doing Lit. circles with my 3rd graders and another teacher gave me these neat job cards to use with the groups.
    Here they are:

    Connector - this student would have to find a connection with the real world and compare it to the reading he did. The response goes in his journal and he shares it with his group.

    Discussion Director - this one is to develope a list of questions that your group might want to discuss about the book. Coming up with a question for each memeber in your group is a good idea.

    Summerizer - this one writes a brief retelling in her journal of todays reading. remember to tell what happened, where and who.

    Scene setter - keep tract of where the action took place in todays reading - where it began, place where it happened and where the reading ended.

    Illustrator - draw a picture related to todays reading.

    Word Wizard - look for special words in todays reading. write down unfamiliar words, puzzling words, and words that are important in the story. Try to stay away from proper nouns.

    Hope this helps!!!

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