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    I see this alot at my school too
    By Ashley

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    Hey there!
    Hang in there. I work at a school where the princ. has never even taught in a classroom. He likes to come in and tell you how you should do your job, but yet he has no experience. My princ. can be abusive as well. He usually picks a couple of people out each year and gives them hell. We NEVER hear, "Hey, you did a great job!". That is just not in his vocab. It is hard sometimes. This is my 5th year teaching and I wonder if I can hold on until retirement. I have a long road to go. They love to go on powertrips. Maybe this is a test. Believe me, you learn alot your first year. Just remember, always restrict what you say because it always comes back at you in the education system. Work yourself in slowly and get involved as much as you can. I worked my tail off my first three years and got tenure. Once you got that, you can easily state your opinion more openly without repercussion. Trust me ~ you are not the only one this happens to.

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