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    K-1 Multiage class
    By Cindy

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    This is my second year teaching in a K-1 multiage classroom and I love it!
    Not only can it be successful, but enriching to the children. My daily schedule:
    15 minutes of self selected reading.
    15 Minutes of attendance, lunch, class business
    30 minutes calendar (including many songs)
    15 minutes of letter intro (with puppets/making words.(2letters per week then into spelling patterns.)
    15 minutes Writing and finding letters in the room
    15-Literature time - I select a story that goes with our current class theme.
    20-Writing - The students relate the story to themselves in their writing.
    Lunch 40 min
    20 storytime
    1 hour math
    30 specials
    15 snack
    30 minutes choice time with centers
    30 Social Studies/Science Math
    Clean up Home

    I broke it into timed increments so you could see how our basic day goes. Each activity is multileved. With the self selected reading - I have students looking at pictures, making up their own versions, and students reading to each other. I have songs and poems for each letter along with little books for the students to make. As the year progresses the students work in Literacy Centers while I work with Guided Reading groups. I got parent volunteers to come in and help during this time. I did not have an aid. The hardest part is Math because of the program our district uses. Each grade level must be taught. This year I have a team partner that also has a K-1 multiage class. She takes my K's for math and I take her 1st graders.
    Differentiated Classrooms are a great way to teach. See it as an opportunity.
    Our school now has a multiage strand K-1, 2-3, 4-5-6. How does it work? Great! My own daughter is in the 4-5-6. This is her second year. They are like a family.
    Good Luck!

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