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    classroom job list
    By marie

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    Here are some ideas for classroom jobs:
    Math Secretary
    Reading and Language Secretary
    Science Secretary
    Spelling Secretary
    Social Studies Secretary
    Weekly Assignments Page Secretary
    Pencil Sharpeners Monitor
    Playground Equipment Monitor
    Lunch Count Aide
    Errand Aide
    Clean-Up Aide
    Line Monitor
    Recycling Monitor
    Facts Test Aide
    Calendar Aide
    Backpack Aide
    Extra Time Center Aide
    Desk Checker
    Special Jobs
    Plants Monitor
    Flag Salute Aide
    Lottery Coupon Aide
    Correcting Aide 1
    Correcting Aide 2
    Lunch Tub Aide 1
    Lunch Tub Aide 2
    Sink Monitor
    Paper Supplies Monitor
    Papers Home Aide
    Return Papers Aide
    Class Aide (teacher’s assistant)
    Monday Folders Aide
    Progress Folders Aide
    Job Checker & Sub
    Library Aide
    Daily Puzzle Aide
    Computer Aide
    AV Aide
    Absentee Assistant
    Game Assistant
    SRA Aide
    Star Attraction

    I make a "job card" that describes what each job entails. They are laminated on different colors of paper - red jobs need to be done every week, yellow jobs are not as critical, and white jobs are truly extras - needed only once in awhile. Every Monday I choose the cards we will need for the week and lay them out for the class. Then I draw out student numbers so they can choose their jobs during the morning opening. (One of our weekly lottery prizes is "Choose a job first" and it is very coveted!) The students put their job card in a pocket chart so we know who has each job during the week.

    Please email me if you would like details about any of the jobs!

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