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    By Julianne

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    My good friend in a K-1 sped setting keeps getting jerked around much like you describe. That's only two examples, but I'm betting it isn't uncommon for principals to move sped classes around for a variety of reasons. Since he's given you the night to sleep on it, you should try to get your ducks in a row before going back. The bottom line is what's best for the kids. Everyone, including your principal needs to keep that in mind. And if he doesn't, it's your job to keep reminding him. (Your school isn't in the business of doing what's best for the aides.) Line up your reasons why being separate is a better choice. Then be prepared with a couple of compromises. Could you share a classroom, but have a bifold door or other barrier installed so you each have your own space? Could the least senior aide be fired or reassigned so that you could hire someone who could lift kids, and someone who really wants to work with your students? Could you rotate the existing aides in and out of the classrooms so no one had to change diapers every single day of their working lives? I'm guessing here. You know your situation. Maybe some compromise will come to mind that will prevent your principal from acting on this impulse.

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