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    By Lili

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    Well mmmm what a hard class you got.
    Ever though about to see a bit or rewarding system to put those kids in order? well there are many kinds of rewards and when we talk about kids, hey plenty of material to reward specially educational ones, but first work out in the calling attention part, if they yell sure you can't yell more than them, oh where you gonna end? no voice at all. Try silence or use music instruments, drums, try games to call attention, since in those ages they lack of attention, ever try clap, stomp feeet games?. One adult voice, a firm voice, no yelling voice could make them listening to you.
    Plus when you gain some of their attention, use another type of games such repeat after me, ah!rewards for the kids that follow you,a sticker as a reward mmmmm this is basic reward.... and so on, there are plenty of activities to calm down those kids and of course teach them some manners too.
    Kids behave many times by feedbacks they receive, if one kid punch another and this is not worked out at home mmmmmmmmm hey work on it by yourself. Hard huh?
    Well they are not in jail they are kindergarden kids.
    Why kids are like that because they need to spend their accumulated energy, need more physical activity. Are you working in a simulating jungle?

    Attention is short, energy is plenty, well how about different rithmic games, sign games, fast games,calm down games, story tell games, hey who can make less noise game? mmmm one point for you , who can tide up the class room, who can pick up more toys, ah! don't forget those games they are all recorded in books dare to take a look and review them and read something about behavior and child development.
    And Relax, a glass of sugar water will help, perhaps a chocolate m delicious, and get ready to work because you are not alone and they are kids right?
    Hey wish you luck

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