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    By michele

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    Hi! The numbering helps so much! We do that also!

    We don't have a magnatized white board/chalk board, so for discipline we use a piece of tagboard with envelopes, one for each student (we use the library evelopes). We use D-slips (detention slips), yellow--warning, red--time out, and blue--you don't even want to be there! (principle, parents). I've never gotton to blue. If a studnet is misbehaving, I just go stick in a yellow slip in their envelope and they have the responsibility of staying in a few minutes of recess and filling it out. They put their name, date, what rule they broke, and what they will do different next time. I show these to parents at conferences.

    I have homework folders and calendars for kids to take home each day. These seem to help keep things organized, and parents (theoretically) know to look at their calendar each day for their homework.

    We have jobs listed on a BB so 10 minutes before leaving everyday, we have job time. KIds are assigned to pass out papers, pick up filled in D-slips, turn off the computers, etc. This really helps me at the end of the day, which is usually CRAZY!

    We use funny money for rewards. I pay the kids for 100% on work, bringing back notes, homework (sometimes), good behavior, and basically whatever I feel like :o). If a student catches me making a mistake (on the board) they get a dollar. They can use their money to buy privledges in the room (extra computer time, no homework, help a teacher) and the class can go in together to buy a class party, extra recess etc. This works really well.

    Let's see, I use a word wall and dictionaries, and wont spell a word that is on the WW or if they don't have their dictionary. We have a vocabulary word each week, and the kids use them in sentences and put them in a can. Each night we draw out one, and that student receives a prize.

    Check out local businesses for rewards. McDonalds hands out free ice cream certificates, our local theater hands out free movie passes, DQ passes out free ice cream. This can REALLY help out with prizes (otherwise, my kids are fine with dollars usually). I don't generally use candy, just b/c I end up eating it! :o)

    Hope this helps! Good luck, and HAVE FUN!!!


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