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    By Julianne

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    I agree that it's really too soon to be labeling this. A conference with the parents is a good idea, especially if you can give them some things to do with him at home. You could suggest that they consistently read to him 10 to 30 minutes a night. Also, engage him in writing at home. He can help make shopping lists, write to family members, read and respond to "love notes" from his parents.

    A personal note: My oldest son started piano lessons at age 5. The teacher had him trace his hands and write the numbers assigned to each finger that were used to mark the piano notes - thumb is 1, pointer finger is 2, etc. He did a careful job writing the numbers onto the tracing of his right hand. For his left hand he carefully wrote all the correct numbers, reversing every one! (He grew out of it - started college this fall and doesn't hardly ever reverse anything now except the car... )

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