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    T Graph Spelling
    By JulieP

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    In my classroom, we do T-graps on Monday to introduce the week's words. Students make a T-graph on a piece of paper while you make one on the overhead or board. Head the left side of the graph as WRITE, and the right side as RE-WRITE. Then give the first word to the students. They are to spell the word in the WRITE column. I then ask a student to give me the spelling of the word. I put this spelling in my WRITE column. Then we write the correct spelling of the word in the RE-WRITE column, and students copy it on their graphs. I always praise good effort, even if the WRITE spelling is wrong.

    Also, One fun activity is Spelling Sign Language. Teach students the sign language alphabet, and maybe even post it on a wall. Each day take 5-6 of your words and spell them using sign language as well as spelling out loud.

    I also do an activity list. I include things like: Write your words in cursive; group your words according to parts of speech; create flashcards; make a wordsearch(graphpaper works great and this can be used later for review practice); write each word five times with a different color of ink; Hide words in a picture.

    Hope this helps

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