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    By teachingranny

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    I got mine from a farm supply store. I bought it for $45.00. It hatches up to 50 eggs. The more expensive models turn the eggs, but mine was a manual turn, and I really enjoyed it.( Hint-Spray lightly with warm water every day. A breeder gave me that one!) You can also order them from teacher supply books in the science section. Don't get the small one that hatches 3 eggs. You always lose some. I follow the manuals directions carefully, but I still lose a good many during the first crucial week.That is why I wait until near the hatch day to bring the hatcher unit to school.Usually, I carefully took the about to hatch eggs to school about 3 days before the hatch date. I only lived about 5 miles from my school and I wrapped the hatcher in a straight from the dryer warm blanket. It worked fine. The children enjoyed listening to the tapping sounds more than the actual hatching!The chicks were adorable!But I got stuck with most of them. My husband and I briefly(for about 2 years) enjoyed "playing farmer "with the chicks we hatched at school.Even got a taste for the eggs later.Country eggs sell well around here and selling the eggs paid for their feed. There were more roosters than hens in every hatching. But we did not want to eat them.UGH! But there is nothing to compare with the stench of a rainy wet week in a chicken yard!lol! ROFL!So I will not do the "hatching eggs thing" anymore...because who will take the chicks? Just a friendly warning...I got stuck with most of them! LOL!

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