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    2nd/3rd grade
    By Sue P

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    A quick game- Pass the paper. If students are in groups of 4 each group will get a piece of paper and the teacher sets the designated number and the rule. (the number could be 100 and the rule is counting by 2's, 5's, 10's, etc...)

    When the teacher gives the signal to go the first person writes the first number and then passes the paper to the second person, they write the next number and the paper gets passed until the group reaches 100. (2, 4, 6, 8....100)

    IF the student who gets the paper notices the person before him/her made a mistake they pass the paper back for he/she to correct.

    (this game is played with absolute silence so there is no groaning, name calling etc.. if someone makes a mistake.)

    As soon as the table is done the person who writes the last number raises their hand. Other tables keep playing and each get points as they finish. So if you have 5 tables, the first one done gets 5 points, second gets 4 points, etc...If any table talks during the game, they lose a point automatically.

    When the whole class is done, I have the students count out loud with me as the tables check their papers. Or have tables go around- table 1 would say 2, table 2 would say 4, etc...If one of the children at a table is not participating, just go back and say "oh I couldn't hear everyone at table 2, lets repeat that number so the whole class can hear it" This part can get a little loud but the kids love it.

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