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    leaving school
    By Cathy-Dee

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    I'm a veteran teacher who never seems to leave the school before 5:30 or 6:00 most nights. But I know that's partly because I visit for a little while right after school and I teach grade 1 which sometimes requires a bit more "prep" work rather than "marking" so it's easier to stay at school to do that type of work.

    I know some teachers in my school arrive at least an hour before anyone else to do their work. And yes many take work home. I know a few who go home as well right after school and then head back to school in the later evening 8 p.m. onwards to do their work.

    And yes there are those few (thankfully) who just do not put in much work and it usually does show in their classroom. I believe firmly this is not the norm and most teachers do put in a great effort for their students.

    And some of us who have taught for a few years also tend to cut some corners - I for example tend to throw all my filing in a box and I take one day at the end of the year to do all my filing. I know others who have reduced how many displays they do each year. And of course the longer you teach (especially the same grade) the more prepared you are overall. You do not have to spend as much time planning lessons, making things for the lessons and so on.

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