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    Snacks and parents
    By a vet teacher

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    Wow, I thought I was reading about a situation I had a few years ago. I had always had the policy in my room to have the students bring in healthy snacks. No problems for many years... UNTIL, one day a parent called me and told me how dare I tell his son he couldn't eat Doritos for a snack. After I told him about my room policy on healthy snacks, he told me he was going to further discuss this with the principal. WELL, I thought okay, my principal will take care of him and back me up. NOT!!!! My principal told me that we cannot tell students what they can and cannot eat!
    He further said that he wished that all his teachers would not have snack time. That of course wouldn't go over. He just didn't want to be bothered. From that point on(three years since), I don't want the hassle and allow whatever they want. I still do not allow candy or cookies. I will NEVER change on this. BTW, this parent also will not allow his child to stand against the wall during recess if he misbehaves. Guess what, his son doesn't!

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