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    Bathroom and Homework
    By Teri

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    My bathroom procedure is similiar to yours. They sign out by clothespin. One at a time for no more than 2 minutes. (Our bathroom is down the hall.) They can go once in the morning and once in the afternoon. They can't go during direct instruction. They also can't go 15 minutes before and after recesses, lunch, etc. I expect them to go while they're outside -- on their own time. (Some are experiencing difficulty.)

    I have my students stay in during recess to make up homework assignments. I try to make it as un"fun" as I can. I'm like a drill sargeant. I beginning to notice it's the same two or three students all the time. For this, I'll have to do something else so they have an incentive to do their homework. Also another teacher and I will switch "off" for recess study hall so we aren't doing it everyday. Homework should be reinforcement.

    I think you'll find 3rd graders more loving than 6th graders. You'll also find they can be very responsible, but you have to build up to it and give very specific criteria. I think you'll really enjoy 3rd grade! (I student taught in 5th and didn't know if I would enjoy 3rd or not. It's great. I love it.) Good luck and have fun!

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