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    different styles....
    By Michelle

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    Please don't think that you are doing something wrong, or think badly of teachers that are gone early. The other posters are right - just because I don't stay at school until 7:00 doesn't mean I am less involved or enthusiastic. I live far away from my school which involves a half hour drive. If I leave the school any later than 3:30, I am stuck in rush hour traffic in New Jersey. It is NOT FUN. Therefore, I prefer to avoid it, and work on my living room floor drinking a cup of coffee, watching the Golden Girls on Lifetime and lounging in my sweatpants. People look at me and can't believe I leave that early, sometimes I feel as if they are judging me because of it. Remember - everyone has different styles and as long as they are getting the job done, so be it! Good luck! and Don'w worry - it does get easier and easier (or should I say a little easier?) as the years go by....

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