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    Assigned reading
    By Donna

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    I know this is going to cause a controversy, but I'm going to jump in anyway. I don't know if you have specific guidelines or policy regarding nightly reading, but where I teach (Grade 5) there is not. My counterpart in Grade 5 also had a child in Grade 5 last year. Her daughter loved reading - could not put a book down. Last year we had an "at-home" reading program. This child HATED reading at home, because it was not assigned. It was no longer for pleasure, but homework. As a result of reactions like this - I had a number of parents tell me their child reacted similarly and refused to do their reading - we scrapped the required reading at home. It is now voluntary. I see all of my class taking their books home every night with no complaints. They are busy children, but if they have time to read in the evening, their plan is to do so.

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