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    By Renee

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    Make sure that you explicitly teach the procedures for everything that you need to do. Coming in, sharpening pencils, going to the restroom, passing in papers, listening/attention getting etc. The list goes on and on. It takes time and practice, but they will get it eventually as long as you are consistent. Having set ways of doing things lets the kids know what to expect and it cuts down the number of descisions you have to make each day.

    As far as walking in the hallway I guess it varies from school to school. In ours, we have to be quiet because we have no doors. I teach my kids exactly how to stand. What their hands should be doing, feet, mouths, etc. We have set stopping points in the hallway where they stop and wait for a signal from me. We walk in a certain area depending on the floors in the hallway( in one hall we walk on the maroon tiles, in another there is a gray line of tiles) so that everyone is straight and on the right side. I am very meticulous about this because the hallway can be a frustrating place if procedures are not taught and practiced.
    Good luck!

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