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    By Bryde

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    Hello Haley-

    I participated in a book study of "Mosaic" and am trying to implement ideas. I am familiar with a the title "Strategies that Work" and am sure I use items that are from that resource, but do not own it and have not seen it. I have posters on before I am reading, while I am reading, and after I am reading that list the strategies. I also have visual posters of the while I am reading strategies. . . one of which is making connections.

    I am kind of in the same boat as you- I am not sure where I want to start. Since it is the beginning of the year, I feel I need to focus mini-lessons on making good book choices, expectations for independent reading, etc. So, I think I need to start there.

    When I do get into the specific strategies, wheteher in small group or whole group, or doing read aloud, I think I will focus on making connections. I am new to this school (but it is very similar to my old school as far as practices go) and have found that the kids really do use the vocabulary of making schema. In fact we were not even reading today when a kid raised her hand and said "I don't have a question, I have a connection." Isn't that great! Well, anyway, I think I will work on connections and will start with text to self.

    I would love to hear your plans to get ideas.

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