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    By Nicole

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    Hi, gals!

    I'm not sure if you are asking about test papers or homework.

    I send test papers home every Wednesday. The cover page is their conduct with a special place for parents to write to me or their kid and to sign. Then, I staple all of the graded papers. Parents have to sign the behavior cover page & all F & D's. On the cover of the folder are two columns--- one for each nine weeks period. If they return them the next day, they get a sticker. At the end of every nine weeks, the kids who have all the stickers get a special treat --Little Debbie snack or brownie, etc.

    For daily homework, the first section of their binders is the homework section. Parents can look in there for nightly homework. After completing homework, they put it back into the homework section. Then the next day after we check it as a class, they file it in the subject area. After the test on that unit, we throw away all the papers for that test.

    Good luck! I hope this helped!!

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