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    Hatchet idea
    By Jennifer

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    Hi... I teach 5th and every year my kids LOVE Hatchet, especially the boys. Here's a few ideas.

    Before reading: Ask the kids what items if they could only bring 5, would they bring on a planned camping trip in the woods. After kids have jotted this down in the journal, have them read their responses. I write them on the board. Then give them the following scenario: If you were stranded in the woods all alone with only a lake and the animals to keep you company, what are some ways that you wold eat? sleep? protect yourself? This leads to a great discussion.

    During reading: I have them write in their response journals and answer comprehension questions. I also have them keep track of all the things that happen to Brain that can be considered good luck and bad luck. They also keep track of the skills that Brain acquires throughout the story.

    Make a character web of Brian and state areas of teh text that support the traits.

    After reading: I have them take out the list of good and bad luck for the journals. They use this to complete a writing assignment. They must write about Brian's good luck and give evidence, bad luck and give evidence and his skills. This leads to a discussion, "IS LUCK MORE IMPORTANT THAN SKILL?"

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