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    By Peg

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    This year the other fifth grade teacher and I are using an incentive program that matches our theme for the month. This month is "Getting to Know You", so we have these little paper doll people that we have laminated. The paper doll represents them, and since it is bald and only wearing underwear, the kids have to earn points to buy hair, clothing, and accessories that suit them (no pun intended). We gave a point value of 100 points per sock, 150 per shoe, etc., and they earn points by doing the things we want them to do such as homework, cleaning up after themselves, walking quietly through the halls, and acts of kindness, for example. They are so is amazing! They have been excellent. The extra incentive is that anyone who has their paper doll fully dressed by the end of this month gets to participate in the reward. We haven't decided yet what that is, but told the kids it might be a baked good, or an ice cream party, or a movie, or extra recess. They don't seem to care what it is...they liked all of the possibilities. We got the paper dolls off of a website, but I don't have it here with's something like "Making Friends" or something. I'll check and let you know tomorrow if I remember.

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