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    By abby

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    A colleague of mine uses a project rubric in her class. The acronym for her criteria spells N.I.C.E.

    N= Neatness
    (clear handwriting, even margins, no crossouts, clean paper)

    I= Information
    (1 piece of info., 2 pieces of info., 3 pieces of info., 4 pieces of info.)

    C= Creativity
    (uses pictures, has color, shows imagination, is special)

    E= Effort
    (spent 5 minutes or less on this assignment, spent 10 minutes or less on this assignment, spent 15 minutes or less on this assignment, spent 20 minutes or more on this assignment)

    Of course, you could adapt the criteria to fit your own assignments. The students know in advance how they will be evaluated and what is expected. (also, if you have any sample projects from previous years you might show them so they see what the standards are)

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